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House of Hoarders

Hi Poppy, I have a problem with my household. It’s full of too much stuff. Sometimes I dread walking in the front door when I get home from work because I know the house will be so disheveled that it gets … Continue reading

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7 Steps to Raising Powerful Children

Raising Powerful Children When you become a parent, you’re given an opportunity to change the world, so make yourself a promise: you will raise your child to be a courageous, compassionate, imaginative, tolerant, and disciplined person by being one yourself. … Continue reading

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Ten Lost Years

Dear I’ve Got a Problem: My problem is I’ve lost the last ten years! I don’t know where they went. Can you help? Signed, Stumped Dear Stumped, Barring chronic illness or an overdose of really drawn out higher education, you … Continue reading

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