Advice about Kids

Dear I’ve Got a Problem: 

My family has a problem, and I’d like your opinion of a solution I proposed to the school. My son is in Grade 2 in a Toronto public school. There is a large family in the school with a child in virtually every grade from SK to Grade 5. Each year these kids come back to school after the summer holiday with head lice and spread it around the whole school. I sympathize with the parents to some degree – I know that if one kid gets lice at camp or something, they can quickly spread it to everyone in the family – but the whole school ends up getting these pests, and having to treat their kids! It’s awful, and I think it singles out this family in the worst way because everybody blames them. I proposed to the school that they make these kids stay home from school until it’s cleared up, but they said they couldn’t/wouldn’t do that. I think at least that way Public Health or even some parents from the school could help this family clear this up. What do you think?

Yours sincerely,

Itchy and Scratchy


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