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I’ve got a problem with my boss who expects his staff to work an average nine-to-five day, but always arrives late and leaves most days by 4:30. There is always an excuse about why he has to leave early, if he says anything at all. Long lunches are de rigeur with him, but he sends out “Where are you????” emails if staff aren’t promptly back at their post after a meeting or an outside lunch. It’s humiliating to have someone constantly upbraiding grown adults, many of whom have more experience than this guy. We work in a big organization, but the exec he reports to is retiring soon and doesn’t seem to care about my boss’s comings and goings. What’s the best way to communicate to this person how discouraging it is to have a supervisor slacking off like this and flouting rules he insists others follow?

Yours truly,

Fed up with double standard


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