I’ve got a  problem  can help with range of daily problems.This blog should probably be a forum, but for now, I’m trying to figure out the architecture of this primitive wordpress freebie – but, hey, that’s MY problem! What about yours, friends?

All my life I’ve been good at offering advice. People accuse me of talking a lot, but truthfully, when push comes to shove, and when someone needs advice, I have always been a good listener, and a the kind of critical commentator that cuts to the core issue, and provides a common-sense analysis uncluttered by a lot of $90 an hour therapy. Consider me, and the readers and commentators here to be your coach-in-the-corner, whenever you need someone to slap some sense into you! JUST KIDDING! Only friendly advice will exist here, because I’m going to delete any caustic or unhelpful remarks as quickly as they’re posted. So, read and bleed, dear friends. Post your inner worries, and let the conversation begin:

Need help deciding to love your job or leave it? Post a comment on the Career Advice page.

Looking for answers for a teenage dependent who has ‘talk show’ of his own? Check out Parenting Advice for Modern Life

Or are you simply trying to fall out of love with someone who’s clearly already left the building?  Post your latest thoughts on the Love Life page.


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