Lousy Family

I’ve Got a Problem with Head Lice:

My family has a problem, and I’d like your opinion of a solution I proposed to the school. My son is in Grade 2 in a Toronto public school. There is a large family in the school with a child in virtually every grade from SK to Grade 5. Each year these kids come back to school after the summer holiday with head lice and spread it around the whole school. I sympathize with the parents to some degree – I know that if one kid gets lice at camp or something, they can quickly spread it to everyone in the family – but the whole school ends up getting these pests, and having to treat their kids! It’s awful, and I think it singles out this family in the worst way because everybody blames them. I proposed to the school that they make these kids stay home from school until it’s cleared up, but they said they couldn’t/wouldn’t do that. I think at least that way Public Health or even some parents from the school could help this family clear this up. What do you think?


Had it with head lice

Hi  Had it with Head Lice,

I can sympathize with your kid’s plight. What used to be an ‘old wives’ tale’ from the past – head lice – is now a daily problem in city schools. But the fact is, big families don’t create head lice, or any other ‘pests’, and kids shouldn’t have to miss school because they caught a few bugs. Public health departments (and the City of Toronto) advocate for the usual chemical shampoos, but considering that head lice typically plague young children (ages 3 – 10, I believe, mostly) I think pouring pesticides on your kid’s head should be a last resort.
Instead, follow these easy steps to non-toxic head lice removal:

Non-toxic head lice remedy

You’ll need:

  • a bottle vegetable oil – any kind 
  • shower cap,
  • and a roll of plastic food wrap.

When your child is ready to go to bed at night, soak the kid’s head in oil and rub it into the scalp.Wrap the oily head in plastic wrap and cover it with the shower cap (this keeps the oily mess in place while they sleep). Let the kid sleep in this ‘beauty treatment’ and when they wake up to go to school, shampoo the oil out of their hair (probably take two lathers!). The KEY TO THIS TREATMENT is the second step: You MUST do the oil treatment once more 7 to 10 days later – the oil smothers any living critters, but will not kill all the eggs. They will continue to hatch, but won`t be reproductive for several days, so MAKE SURE you do the oil treatment once more a week later to catch any survivors.

Unite! Lose the Louse!

The families in my neighourhood suffered through head lice together, and this treatment is completely non-toxic and really works. If your child is old enough, they can do it themselves whenever they suspect they’ve been in contact with anyone itchy or scratchy!
Enough said! Thank you for writing with this sticky problem.

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