Happy Father’s Day!

If your dad already ‘has it all,’ new gifts for Dad’s Day might be a challenge.

My dad grew up as a ‘white’ kid in a northern city, but he had the good fortune to live for a time in San Antonio, Texas, where  he developed a life-long love of Mexican cooking. Tacos made with homemade tortillas baked in a frying pan were a frequent weekend snack when I was growing up in suburban Toronto. Now Dad is 84, and no longer seeks out the hot stuff, but he still enjoys the flavours of the old time cocina mexicana. So, for Father’s Day, I’ve assembled this  do-it-yourself kit:

  • 1  copy of Cook’s Illustrated Mexican Favourites 2012, which is loaded with illustrations showing the ‘method’, and has 60 recipes for every
    A detailed drawing in Cook's Illustrated Mexican Favourites shows how to cook chili peppers

    The cookbook has detailed drawings showing methods for the trickier parts of Mexican cooking, so even a beginner can give it a shot.

    thing from “Better Black Bean Soup” to “Fresh Margaritas” (yeah!!)

  • 1 bag of masa harina
  • 1 bag of dried black beans
  • all the fresh  chilis, tomatoes, tomatillos, limes, avocados, you need for a proper Mexican feast
  • 4 or 5 fresh cobs of corn ( husks needed for tamales)
  • I skipped the cheese and chocolate for the  mole because he doesn’t eat those things

In another day, my father was a weatherman on TV, and we had a little joke: “Chili today, and hot tamale!”

Happy Father’s Day, everyone, and what was your Father’s Day like?

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